CIPRNet Project

The Critical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience Research Network or CIPRNet establishes a Network of Excellence in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). CIPRNet performs research and development that addresses a wide range of stakeholders including (multi)national emergency management, critical infrastructure operators, policy makers, and the society. By integrating resources of the CIPRNet partners acquired in more than 60 EU co-funded research projects, CIPRNet will create new advanced capabilities for its stakeholders. A key technology for the new capabilities will be modelling, simulation and analysis for CIP. CIPRNet builds a long-lasting virtual centre of shared and integrated knowledge and expertise in CIP. This virtual centre shall provide durable support from research to end users. It will form the foundation for the European Infrastructures Simulation & Analysis Centre (EISAC) by 2020.

In order to achieve its mission, CIPRNet's Joint Programme of Activities has four major threads:

·         Providing new capabilities to end users for better preparedness for CI-related emergencies:

o   Advanced decision support based on consequence analysis

o   'what, if' – analysis  for exploring different courses of action

o   Support of secure design of next generation infrastructures

o   'Ask the expert' service  for demonstrating timely, actionable, risk-informed CIP analyses and strategies for authorities

·         Building required capacities by educating and training experts and researchers (reaching a critical mass)

·         Providing knowledge and technology to end users for improving their understanding of the role of CI in crises and emergencies: simulators, middleware, models, …

·         Providing long-lasting end user support by establishing a Virtual Centre of Competence and Expertise in CIP (VCCC).



CIPRNet consortium members aim at participating in CIP-related demonstration and training events to present/demonstrate/reveal the progress of the project. Such events are needed in order to gather consortium members, stakeholders and the society under the same roof. The gatherings at events are essential for the progress of the CIPRNet project and significantly add to the overall value of the project.

Moreover, such events will bring YOU as a stakeholder in contact with other international experts and researchers in the multi-disciplinary fields of CI, CIP and CIP related research and development. The trainings will bring you the opportunity to meet and understand your European counterparts, your positions in the complex European system of CI systems, and benefit from mutual exchange. Learn about the results of the considerable European R&D efforts in Critical Infrastructure Protection research: CIPRNet members represent knowledge from over 60 such projects.

Striving towards its vision of setting up a European Infrastructures Simulation and Analysis Centre (EISAC), CIPRNet aims at enhancing the capabilities of CIP operators to operate with Modelling, Simulation and Analysis Tools (MS&A). A new training element is the online course where basic methodological approaches for MS&A of critical infrastructures are illustrated together with advanced instruments and tools.