The CIPRNet online course on Modelling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) of Critical Infrastructures (CI) is composed of 4 modules; each one structured in one to seven lectures. An introductory presentation is provided (free module).

To attend the course (except for the introductory presentation) you must register and collect your username and password.

Once attended one of the modules (A to D) or the whole course, you can apply for a certificate of attendance. To obtain your certificate you must pass all the tests at the end of each lecture.

The tests consist of 4 multiple choice questions randomly chosen, that will assess your comprehension of the lectures. To pass the test, you must answer correctly 3 questions over 4. The system will indicate your correct answers and allow you to re-attempt the test until you succeed it.

When all tests (of the module or of the whole course) are successfully completed, you can apply for your attendance certificate sending an email to We will check your data and will send you the attendance certificate as soon as possible.